This week I received a lot of different signals that Foursquare is finally becoming part of business in The Netherlands. Not only friends that are saying: ‘Shouldn’t you check-in here?’, but especially the two great cases underneath. The start of embedding social media in companies’ marketing is here…

Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht
For quite some time, Townhouse hotel in Maastricht is one of the two (yes two) companies using social media actively in the region. The hotel offers a free cup of coffee when you check-in with Foursquare. A simple trick to show people on Foursquare something is happening in the area (f.e. Special Nearby tab).
To create even more engagement, they connected the digital world with the people on the street by adding stickers on the windows of their hotel rooms. Great!

Selexyz bookstore
The other company in Maastricht that is actively engaging in Social Media is a bookstore (part of a big chain) in an old church called Selexyz Dominicanen. They offer a free bestseller on every 10th checkin. It took me a while, but last week I unlocked this special. Guess what happened: They send me a personal note with the book I chose (six different titles available) by mail. I added it as a picture.

Since it is in dutch, hereby the translation:
“Dear @rogerheijsters, Thanks you for checking in at Selexyz in #Foursquare. Hereby you well earned bestseller. Enjoy the reading! Kind regards, @Selexyz ^PB”